Craft #5- Welcome Baby Girl Card

16 Jan

On November 4th, Melbourne Cup day in Australia for 2014, my good friend gave birth to a much anticipated first child. The gender of the baby was a surprise, so I couldn’t make the card until I knew how things had gone! I had finished the design already though- I just needed to place the name and cut girl colours.

The Melbourne Cup is Australia’s biggest horse racing event of the year, and my friend also loves horses- its actually how we became friends in the first place. So a horsey theme seemed to fit- although I admit I played around with elephants for a while.

10409671_10152562748355168_5877223528546938194_nFor this card, I used an image from Google, which I played with in Paint and also edited in the Silhouette program. I used plain card stock, silver paper, glitter glue (mane, tail and hooves, can’t really see it in this photo though as it is black on black), diamantes and a sweet pink footprint ribbon I picked up a while back.

I also actually cut the white ‘border’ lines out of the grey card, and simply stuck the lot to a plain white card. I panicked when I realised I’d forgotten to put the ribbon down first- but I lifted the edges with one of the Silhouette tools, and just slipped it under with a little glue.

10806369_10152562748410168_8273732056285203185_nThe inside of the card, which I had pre-made (hence the gender neutral yellow) was a pop out with charms hanging down mobile-style. I created the double sided charms (rocking horse, rosette, horse shoe) using plain card stock with glitter glue and diamantes, and hung them using silver jewellery thread on a double line for extra strength.

I had a lot of fun making this card, partly because I was so excited for my friend! I actually sent it when I was in hospital, my Mum brought it in for me, and a few of the nurses gave me some lovely compliments on it.


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