Craft #7 – Four Valentine’s Day Cards

18 Jan

Some of these are the first cards I ever made. Being a perfectionist, there are things I would change, especially with what I know now! I would have guessed that these were from 2013, but my computer says 2014. I must agree to disagree.

1: Traditional

This was a fairly traditional ‘Valentine’ style card, a modified pattern that I found on Google. I used basic card stock, glitter glue, and of course my Silhouette to cut it.

2: Owl card

IMG_18781Owl card- I was still getting used to dealing with cutting smaller letters on the Silhouette, the early days were a lot of trial and error. So I use a fine marker to ink on the words ‘always love you’. The rest was basic, card stocks and some glitter glue. But not too much. Just enough.

3: Mouse card

IMG_1878Mousey- I really regret not making the surface the mouse is standing on a dark colour, but I couldn’t go back. Manipulated Google image, paper and glitter glued tail and ear. I was quite happy with the mouse itself- I think with the darker background it would have been a lot better 😉

4: 2015

1975156_10152745665315168_6987340196534806190_nI decided to keep things very simple this year. Mostly due to my complete lack of energy and health. You’re all getting the same! No peeking at each others’ 😉
I seriously lacked inspiration, too. What I designed and what I ended up making.. Two very different things.

I first did a practice stamp of the peas and sentiment stamp, took a photo with my phone and then used that as a basis for cutting the card the right size. I wanted the peas to have a white edge around them, for example. I usually make rectangular cards, but I felt the stamp wasn’t big enough for that, so instead I used a basic 4x4in design.

I edged every surface with the same blue ink I used for the sentiment. I was struggling to bring the green in from the pea stamp, so I hope it looks ok. I kind of killed that ink pad.

Inside I use a Martha Stewart punch, with the same blue/purple paper from the front, to cut a flowery border.

I hope you’ve gotten some ideas for your own cards! I love to google for phrases for each project I’m working on, and sometimes tweak them a bit. It makes the card much more personal.

Happy crafting.


Craft #6- Kaisercraft Large Desk Organiser

17 Jan

Last year I became addicted to Kaisercraft’s ‘Beyond The Page’ range. This is how I decorated my large desk organiser 🙂

The first thing you start with is a flat pack- its surprisingly heavy! There are no instructions inside, so its a bit of a ‘make it up as you go’ project.


I began by putting together the wooden pieces so that I could understand which way they would face, and what needed to be covered with paper rather than paint. I wrote on each piece with pencil, but really you could use anything- it’ll get covered up in the end!


Then I painted the edges and ‘plain sides’ with a purple paint I’ve used a lot of in my room. For the paper I used Kaisercraft’s ‘Magic Happens’ range (they stopped making this a while ago, but you can sometimes still find it in craft stores) as well as two other sheets of co-ordinating paper.
I used Mod Podge to coat the paint on the outside of the organiser, but not the inside, as you can see here, it is a slightly different shade of purple.


To get the shape for the curved paper, I just laid out the (still flat) piece of wood and traced around it, then cut slightly inside the marked line. I was saving the striped paper for something special, and I’m glad I did, because now I get to see it all the time!


I didn’t really like the finger pull drawers, so I purchased some unvarnished wooden knobs from Bunnings for about $2 each and painted them the same purple colour (I did consider silver) and glued a gem in the centre. Then I simply turned the drawers around, and used the back as the front. In this photo you can see the back of one of the drawers, with the finger pull gap.


I very carefully used my strongest clear craft glue to stick the drawers together. I wanted all the boxes to be perfectly square. I painted around the edges before sticking down the paper, as I wanted them all to be uniform, and also its very difficult to get the paper neatly to the edge of the drawer- this was like cheating. Then I glued down the knobs. Because they were quite heavy, I left them to dry overnight.

The final part was gluing together the wooden pieces, again I used a kick arse glue. Then I added some paper flowers in positions that wouldn’t affect the drawers being opened. And, surprisingly for me, I was happy with it!


Craft #5- Welcome Baby Girl Card

16 Jan

On November 4th, Melbourne Cup day in Australia for 2014, my good friend gave birth to a much anticipated first child. The gender of the baby was a surprise, so I couldn’t make the card until I knew how things had gone! I had finished the design already though- I just needed to place the name and cut girl colours.

The Melbourne Cup is Australia’s biggest horse racing event of the year, and my friend also loves horses- its actually how we became friends in the first place. So a horsey theme seemed to fit- although I admit I played around with elephants for a while.

10409671_10152562748355168_5877223528546938194_nFor this card, I used an image from Google, which I played with in Paint and also edited in the Silhouette program. I used plain card stock, silver paper, glitter glue (mane, tail and hooves, can’t really see it in this photo though as it is black on black), diamantes and a sweet pink footprint ribbon I picked up a while back.

I also actually cut the white ‘border’ lines out of the grey card, and simply stuck the lot to a plain white card. I panicked when I realised I’d forgotten to put the ribbon down first- but I lifted the edges with one of the Silhouette tools, and just slipped it under with a little glue.

10806369_10152562748410168_8273732056285203185_nThe inside of the card, which I had pre-made (hence the gender neutral yellow) was a pop out with charms hanging down mobile-style. I created the double sided charms (rocking horse, rosette, horse shoe) using plain card stock with glitter glue and diamantes, and hung them using silver jewellery thread on a double line for extra strength.

I had a lot of fun making this card, partly because I was so excited for my friend! I actually sent it when I was in hospital, my Mum brought it in for me, and a few of the nurses gave me some lovely compliments on it.

Craft #4 Butterfly Birthday Card

15 Jan

1471133_10152618186920168_4397228115289274374_nMy Mum’s birthday snuck up on me this year, but I managed to put together a card fairly quickly. The most important thing was to magically have my sister write in it, as she is in Canada (we live in Australia).

I had her write out her message, scan and send it to me, then printed it to the right size.

For the card itself: I used a few different brands of patterned paper that seemed to go together, as well as pale blue ribbon (she’s not a pink fan), stamps (sentiment and butterfly) and cutting the butterflies with the Silhouette machine. That way, when I stamped the butterfly pattern, it was dual coloured but surrounded by white. I’m pretty obsessive so when I buy stamps like that, I tend to get the pattern into my Silhouette program so that I can make perfectly sized cut stamp tags.

I used foam stickers to lift the sentiment and butterfly tags to add more height. I also used the same coloured ink to edge the card tags, to add an illusion of height.

A nice, simple and clean card, and Mum seemed happy!

Happy card making 🙂

Craft #3 Cat and Moth Card

14 Jan


The cat and moth (as my friend prefers them to butterflies, and is also a cat lover) card was made using two images from Google that were manipulated (cat and hat) plus created text, cut using a Silhouette machine.
I used basic card stock for the cat, and patterned card for the rest- the butterflies were already foil printed on the Kaiser brand paper.

I also used some glitter glue (I just love the stuff) on the hat and eyes, and a diamante for the ‘pupil’ of each eye.
Its a shame that my crappy phone camera didn’t pick up the foil properly, its a lovely pink and the text is very visible.

Craft #2- Belated Christmas post

12 Jan

45 days since last post- oops. I’ve been very unwell; although I’ve managed to stay out of hospital, I’m barely able to get out of bed. My official Lyme results came through from America, I have an impressive amount of co-infections. I don’t even know where to go from here. But anyway.

So here is, belatedly, the fourth Christmas card design I made for LAST YEAR.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year.

10388062_10152592213720168_2434512919431240694_n‘Christmas Pudding’ was made using an image from Google that was manipulated, cut using a Silhouette machine, and uses basic and patterned card stock, glitter glue and sentiment stamp.

I felt it was a simple card to give to people who might be more religious and not appreciate snowmen and reindeer as much.
It was pretty simple to make- the sticklers were getting the berries in the right position.

Also, I somehow managed to cut twice as many pieces of the brown as I needed. My bad! Live and learn, people. Live and learn.

Craft #1- Christmas Cards

27 Nov

With Christmas just around the corner, card season is well and truly on its way.

I’ve been busy (when I can be, depending on health) making cards for those people I love. In the past, I have spent up to 8 hours simply designing the card. I am a perfectionist, which makes craft quite difficult.


‘Mr Snowman’ was made using an image from Google that was manipulated, cut using a Silhouette machine, and uses basic card stock, ribbon, glitter glue and sentiment stamp.


‘Dizzy Reindeer’ was made with a manipulated Google image, Silhouette machine, basic and patterned card stock, ribbon, glitter glue and sentiment stamp.


‘Baubles’ was made with very basic image in 3 different sizes. You could make this without a Silhouette machine, assuming you are into punches and own circular ones. Patterned and plain card stock was used, a sentiment stamp, glitter glue behind the stars, stamp ink border for sentiment, and has raised heights via the square foam stickers (mind blank on their actual name. Google suggested Salmon).
The most difficult part of this card was lining up the bauble paper underneath, as there is a gap in height they needed to be perfectly centered.

That’s all for now folks! See you again soon with more crafty projects.